zondag 14 februari 2010

first exhibition Enjoy the Crisis: Shaun Stamp

Find more artworks like this on www.shaunstamp.com
This is some of Shaun Stamps work.
For the upcoming exhibition in Enjoy the Crisis Shaun Stamp and Ju Underwood are creating an
installation together.

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  1. Dear Chrisel and Shaun.
    Christel great artist you are going to show. I'm impressed by the work of Shaun. During the Boijmans van Beuningen expostion we visited together Shaun explained his work to me. Now I see his work in you blog. I'm amazed, and interested. Unfortunatelly I can not visit his upcomming show in your gallery Enjoy the Crisis as I'm restoring paintings in curacao (see my blog restauratieatelier op curacao) www.restauratieatelier.com
    Please list the works Shaun is going to show in your gallery on the blog, as I'm interested to see more and....love to buy.
    good luck Marjan de Visser